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Utility companies have invested billions of dollars of capital designing and implementing robust networks to distribute electricity to customers. A large percentage of this network consists of wood poles, a relatively inexpensive renewable and readily available resource. Fungi and wood boring insects pose a consistent threat to this infrastructure. It is therefore vitally important that all wood poles undergo regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance to extend their lives and to determine failed assets.

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PPMC prides itself on providing quality work at competitive prices. With over a decade of pole management experience PPMC can provide a comprehensive maintenance program for your individual needs. In today’s world it is imperative a utility company have access to prompt and accurate information pertaining to their assets. PPMC provides a full service pole maintenance program that couples the traditional test and treating practices with modern technologies resulting in effective, accurate and cost effective service.



PPMC is known in the industry for our commitment to utmost quality in every facet of our business. We maintain our level of quality above that of our competition through continual education of staff and supportive on site supervision.


We promote a work environment where safety is the first priority. Our staff are held to the strictest safety standards provided by industry and all staff must partake in routine refresher training.


PPMC has the tools and experience to provide you with a full pole maintenance program. In addition to inspection of wood utility poles we also provide services such as asset data collection, sub-meter GPS, steel tower maintenance, vegetation management, and steel stubbing.

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